Ta Ann


Ta Ann Holdings is a Malaysian-based multinational logging and timber products company, with a track record of rainforest destruction and human rights violations in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Ta Ann have been operating in Tasmania since 2006, when they were welcomed with a golden political handshake. They have been identified, through official documents in 2012, as being a key driver of the logging of Tasmania’s high conservation value forests.

The supply of peeler billets to Ta Ann Tasmania is the major factor stopping forest protection, according to the official reports on the failure to reschedule logging operations. Forestry Tasmania is targeting areas rich in this wood supply, which equates to preferentially targeting high conservation value forests. Furthermore Ta Ann Tasmania received wood from areas containing old growth forest, as defined by the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA), on at least 35 occasions throughout 2009-2011. And have received wood from areas verified as having World Heritage value.

The wood used by Ta Ann cannot be described as eco-friendly in any way.


Yet, Ta Ann have misleading sold their wood internationally as “eco-ply” and claimed that the timber is sourced from plantation and managed regrowth forests.  Ta Ann has misled its customers in Japan and Europe by falsely promoting some of its Tasmanian products as ‘environmentally friendly’ plywood. The main customers of Ta Ann are Daiwa House, Sekisui House, Eidai and Panasonic.



There has been an ongoing campaign targeting Ta Ann’s forest destruction. Still Wild Still Threatened/ Observer Tree, Huon Valley Environment Center and Markets for Change have run a co-ordinated effort to raise awareness about the misleading marketing of Ta Ann’s products and to inform customer companies of the true source of the wood. This has involved the documentation of the chain of custody of wood products, monitoring threatened forests and logging operations. There has been a growing campaign both in Tasmania and internationally to expose Ta Ann’s lies and to call on the customer companies in Japan to cease purchasing wood from Ta Ann that is sourced from the destruction of native forests. The Tasmanian campaign works in solidarity with those in Sarawak who are fighting the destruction of Ta Ann and other timber companies.


You can take action right now to stop Ta Ann’s destruction.

Click here to sign the cyber action

and send a message to Ta Ann’s corporate customers.


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