Media Update: Conservationists maintain stand at forest action

Today’s protest action continues to stop logging operations in a stand of forest at Stony Creek, East Gippsland, Victoria. Two conservationists remain at the top of tripods, blocking the road at different access points to the logging zone. While one person remains 30 meters above the ground in a tree sit in the middle of the logging coupe. Around 40 others remain in the area.


Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) workers attended the site at around 11am. The DEPI workers then cut down trees in an area believed to be part of the Snowy River National Park, in an attempt to drive around a blockade tripod.  Forestry workers are currently in the logging coupe, below the tree sit, assessing the situation.

“Three conservationists are today putting themselves on the line, up tripods and tree sits, and risking arrest in order to halt the destruction of this stand of forest that is home to the endangered long footed potoroo” said David Caldwell of Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO).

“Continued funding from tax-payer dollars to this industry for the benefit of a few private companies, like Nippon Paper, should be of concern to all tax payers. Australia is not only losing millions of dollars to prop up this industry, we are also losing our irreplaceable native wildlife species” said Mr Caldwell.

“Today’s action has brought a national focus to the destruction of wildlife habitat that is occurring here in East Gippsland as well as forested landscapes around Australia. It comes the day after a court appeal was lost by My Environment which now allows the ongoing logging of endangered leadbeater possum habitat.” said Poppy King of Central Highlands Action Group (CHAG).

“These dedicated conservationists are committed to continuing today’s action as long as possible, in order to protect this precious forest from industrial scale logging. This is part of a nation-wide movement that will see ongoing actions across the country in a call for protection of our native forests” said Miranda Gibson of Still Wild Still Threatened.


View from the tree sit

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Media Release: Conservationists halt logging in threatened species habitat

Today 40 conservationists are halting logging in a stand of forest that is home to threatened wildlife. Two conservationists are risking arrest as they sit atop tripod structures set up across the road at both access points to the logging zone. Another person has climbed a tree in the middle of the logging operation and is perched on a platform suspended to machinery.

“Today’s action is taking place to stop logging of this threatened species habitat. The protection of our native wildlife and the ecosystems they rely on for survival is becoming increasingly critical. Yet the government allows the destruction to continue”  Said David Caldwell of Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO).

“Our threatened species risk being driven to extinction. International companies like Nippon Paper and Ta Ann are making a quick dollar while Australia loses it’s iconic wildlife forever” said Miranda Gibson of Still Wild Still Threatened.

tripod stony creek

“Independent surveying of this forest documented video evidence of the endangered long footed potoroo.  The very spot where these potoroos were found is now being logged.  The destruction of this forest is another example of Australia’s threatened species being ignored, for the profit of private companies and at a loss to the public”said Mr Caldwell. “A recent government report indicated that potoroos in this area require three times the amount of suitable habitat than is currently reserved for the species to survive.”

“Yesterday another blow was struck to the already shaky future of the leadbeaters possum. The dismissal of the appeal by My Environment highlights the failure of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act to protect threatened species. This court decision allows the ongoing destruction of leadbeaters habitat, just as forest that is home to long footed potoroo is being logged in East Gippsland.”said Poppy King spokesperson for Central Highlands Action Group (CHAG)

“My recent 14 month long tree sit began after Tasmanian devils were documented in the area which was being logged for timber company Ta Ann. This is exactly what is occurring around the nation as our governments prioritise the profits of a few international companies and fail to protect our threatened species” said Ms Gibson.


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Come to Tasmania


After getting out into the forests of Victoria and New South Wales in December, Fearless Summer will  head down south, to defend the ancient forests of Tasmania! And you’re invited! So come on down, get involved and get active to end Ta Ann’s destruction of our precious forests. Check out the program of events:

Jan 3-5: Forest camping trip and guided walks in the Upper Florentine Valley. This area is the site of Tasmania’s longest running forest blockade, Camp Floz. Which successfully defended the valley for over 6 years. In June this year it was declared World Heritage. Join the old Camp Floz crew for guided bushwalks and a weekend of camping to check out this spectacular valley of old growth forests and hear about the history of the blockade.


Jan 5- 12: Actions and events.

Jan 9: Weld Echo Art Exhibition Opening.

Jan 12- 17: Second National Forest Skillshare. If you missed the first skillshare, never fear! Here’s your chance to get training and share skills in direct action, forest ecology, campaigning and more! There will be plenty of extra workshops and advanced training as well, for those who’ve attended the first skillshare and are looking to widen their skills further!

Jan 17- 24: Actions.

swst action july 2013_2

More information
Accommodation: Camping and billeting will be available.
Any questions, please contact us at:

Please download and share the poster……

Fearless Summer January posterFINAL

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Media Release: Woodchip mill protest launches national forest campaign

A collection of forest groups from around Australia, launching a national campaign known as Fearless Summer are maintaining a presence outside the SEFE woodchip mill at Eden. A group of 40 conservationists stopped truckloads of native forest from entering the mill this morning. Police are currently on site attempting to escort trucks into the mill.

Miranda Gibson, who recently spent 449 days in a tree in Tasmania to protest the logging of high conservation value forests has joined conservationists from around Australia, to take action today.

“Today’s action is the beginning of a nation-wide campaign to highlight the destruction of Australia’s native forests. Actions will continue around the country, putting pressure on companies like Ta Ann and Nippon in a call for native forest protection” said Ms Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.


“I have witnessed spectacular tracts of ancient forest in Tasmania destroyed at a cost of millions of dollars to the tax-payer. I am now seeing this same destruction of our vital forest ecosystems here on the mainland.  Every state forestry agency in Australia is a drain on the public purse, while international companies like Ta Ann and Nippon Paper make a profit from our losses” said Ms Gibson.

“Forests across Australia are being irreparably damaged by an industry that is not  economically viable, and  is unable to stand on it’s own two feet. Why should the tax payer have to fund the destruction of our native forests? This industry is one of constant loss, from the forests to the hip-pocket” said David Caldwell, spokesperson for Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO)

“We are losing  precious, irreplaceable ecosystems to the Eden chip mill to be shipped offshore, for the private profit of Nippon Paper, ”  said Mr Caldwell.

“It is bad enough that the forests of south eastern Australia are decimated to feed the Eden woodchip mill, but even worse when Australian taxpayers and shareholders are forced to subsidise it. This makes no sense at all” said Harriet Swift, spokesperson for South East Region Conservation Alliance (SERCA).


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Media Release: Peaceful actions and events this summer will highlight need for forest protection

Fearless Summer Tasmanian spokespeople Miranda Gibson and Jenny Weber are today speaking out in support of peaceful community actions and events planned for the summer.  Miranda Gibson and Jenny Weber have condemned the comments made today by the Liberal Party. 

Fearless Summer is a positive effort by forest groups around the country, co-ordinating  campaigns across New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. We are calling for an end to industrial scale logging of Australia’s native forests and seek to hold companies like Ta Ann and Nippon to account for their role in forest destruction,” Miranda Gibson said.


Miranda Gibson stated, “Peaceful demonstrations to highlight the ongoing loss of native forests due to industrial scale destruction, will be a core part of the summer effort.”

“We are holding a skillshare in East Gippsland next week and one in Tasmania in January. Our organisations have a long history of holding skillshare events, providing peaceful and professional training for people who advocate for forest protection. Such events support  the community to take safe and effective actions in expressing their concerns and highlighting the destruction of native forests,” Miranda Gibson claimed.

“The comments by Liberal candidate Joan Rylah are inciting hatred towards people in the community who are advocating for environmental protection, ethical business practices and action on climate change. A candidate who is hate-mongering is not an ideal representative for State Parliament,” Jenny Weber stated.

Jenny Weber stated, “Ongoing logging in the north west and other regions of Tasmania for the controversial Malaysian timber cartel Ta Ann require close scrutiny. Ta Ann are an unethical company and the largest company in Tasmania responsible for destruction of native forests, yet they receive controversial economic support from the Australian and Tasmanian governments”


“A community of concerned citizens across Australia will raise awareness through Fearless Summer that protecting native forests is fundamental to mitigating dangerous climate change. It is the  practices of logging in Tasmania, damaging our environment, wildlife and tarnishing our brand, that directly threatens our future and the future of generations to come,” Jenny Weber said.

Miranda Gibson stated, “Through skill shares, grassroots action and market campaigns Fearless Summer will broadcast a strong message calling for forest protection and a transition out of industrial scale destruction of these ecosystems. Our intention is to remind people that the air we breathe, the stability of our climate, and a rich variety of life depends on intact native forests”


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Program for National Forest Skillshare

Today we are releasing the draft program for the Fearless Summer National Forest Skillshare! Check out all the fantastic skills you can learn and share! There’s only a few weeks to go, so make sure you register asap (CLICK HERE).  And help make this skillshare a success by sharing  this page through your networks and inviting your friends!

National Forest Skillshare – Workshop list

Below is a list of workshops available on each day of the skillshare. For a detailed program and workshop timetable click the link below:


Friday- Nov 29th

Arrive & get settled in.

Saturday- 30th

Intro to the skillshare & housekeeping.
Introduction to forest activism and actions.
Security culture.
Non-Violent Direct Action
Australian forest campaigns overview
Wildlife spotlighting
Consent workshop

Sunday – December 1st

Fauna camera set up
Dealing with conflict
Legals for actions
Knot tying
Markets campaigning- Nippon & Ta Ann
Dealing with police
History of forest campaigns and direct action (talks and short films)
Owl spotting

Monday – December 2nd

Tree sit construction and sit tarps
Media and campaigning
Lock-ons, dragons & tunnels
Suing the government and winning
Setting up tripods, monopoles and other blockade structures
Planning an action
Climate, forests & biomass
Direct Action discussion

Tuesday- December 3rd

Guided bush walks
Climbing practise
Action planning for Fearless Summer actions
Prisoner solidarity
Wildlife spotlighting

Wednesday – December 4th

Sustainable activism
Environmental Law
Photography, filming and editing for actions
Tensioning cable and ropes
Tree sit rigging – for climbers and ground crew
Flora identification walk
Fracking and mining
State based meetings- ongoing forest campaigning for 2014

Thursday- December 5th

Banner drops
Tasmanian Forest Agreement
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification
Flora identification walk
Fauna camera checking
Strategy, discourse and politics
Forest ecology, logging practices and impacts
Affinity groups
Work That Reconnects workshop

Friday 6th – Saturday 21st

Two weeks of actions in Victoria and New South Wales. Please stay around to get involved and put some of your new skills into practice! If you can’t make it to the skillshare, please still feel free to come and take part in the actions. There’ll be plenty of chances to learn skills along the way!

Note: This is a draft only – workshop days may change, or workshops may be added or deleted. 

FULL PROGRAM: Click here to view and download.

mt jersey 2

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Introducing… Fearless Summer Australia


Fearless Summer Australia is a movement escalating across the country, to take action to stop the industrial scale destruction of our native forests. Everyone who supports real forest protection is invited to take part in this movement for change. Co-ordinated grassroots non-violent direct actions will take place in Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales – as well as anywhere that you would like to organise one! Solidarity actions can take part any where in the world. Contact us if you want help to organise an action, or send us your info, media releases or  pics and we’ll post it to the website. For events happening over the summer… checkout the movement Calender HERE.  Email us to add your event or action:



  • Fearless Summer National Forest Skillshare. 5 days of workshops, talks, practical training, forest walks and sharing skills.  Come along and learn everything you need to know about the forests, campaign strategy, and taking action…. in preparation for a Fearless Summer of action! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Join us for a week of actions, forests documentation projects, and walks in East Gippsland, Victoria and a week in Southern NSW.


  • Second National Skillshare in Tasmania. If you missed the first skillshare, never fear – you can catch up on all the skills you need in Tasmania! And those who’ve been to the first skillshare – develop and further your skills in advanced workshops & training.
  • Two weeks of actions, forest documentation projects and walks around the threatened forests of Tassie.


  • Nationally co-ordinated actions around the country, including solidarity actions in cities and towns across Australia and the world.

Ongoing through 2014:

  • Time to take what you’ve learnt and share it with others…. organise film nights, talks, and events around the world to keep the momentum of summer going on into autumn, winter & spring!


Aims of Fearless Summer Australia

  • End industrial scale logging of native forests through a movement of grassroots action and strategic markets-based campaigns.
  • Bring a strong message about protection of native forests Australia-wide.
  • Strengthen solidarity across regional forest campaigns around the country and build on-going alliances with city-based crew in Australia and people right around the world.
  • Escalation of grassroots forest direct action movement.
  • Empower people to take action through sharing skills in direct action,  knowledge of the forest and campaign strategy.
  • Take action on climate change in this critical decade, it is recognised globally that protecting native forests is fundamental to mitigating dangerous climate change. The air we breathe, the stability of our climate and the rich variety of life depends on forests.

Contact us:

east gippy

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