Nippon Paper is the owner of South East Fibre Exports, notorious for its destruction of native forests and wildlife habitat.  South East Fibre Exports operates the Eden woodchip mill, which uses wood sourced from forests in New South Wales and Victoria, include areas of koala habitat. Unsustainable forestry practices in these forests are putting pressure on the koala population, and risk pushing this species closer to risk of extinction.

Australian Paper, also owned by Nippon Paper, is the manufacturer of Reflex paper products, sold in Australia. This company has faced increasing public pressure due to their continued use of native forests, despite the fact that plantation and recycle fibre pulp are available as a viable alternative.

The campaign targeting Australian Paper and their parent company, Nippon, is beginning to build. Ongoing action and campaigns in the forests and in the cities will bring greater public awareness about the forest destruction behind these paper products, and put pressure on the companies involved. Now is the time to build a national movement for forest protection and expose the truth about Nippon.

Mt Jersey 05.10.13


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