Media Releases

Media Release: 9- 12- 2013
Woodchip mill protest launches national forest campaign

A collection of forest groups from around Australia, launching a national campaign known as Fearless Summer are maintaining a presence outside the SEFE woodchip mill at Eden. A group of 40 conservationists stopped truckloads of native forest from entering the mill this morning. Police are currently on site attempting to escort trucks into the mill.

Miranda Gibson, who recently spent 449 days in a tree in Tasmania to protest the logging of high conservation value forests has joined conservationists from around Australia, to take action today.

“Today’s action is the beginning of a nation-wide campaign to highlight the destruction of Australia’s native forests. Actions will continue around the country, putting pressure on companies like Ta Ann and Nippon in a call for native forest protection” said Ms Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.


“I have witnessed spectacular tracts of ancient forest in Tasmania destroyed at a cost of millions of dollars to the tax-payer. I am now seeing this same destruction of our vital forest ecosystems here on the mainland.  Every state forestry agency in Australia is a drain on the public purse, while international companies like Ta Ann and Nippon Paper make a profit from our losses” said Ms Gibson.

“Forests across Australia are being irreparably damaged by an industry that is not  economically viable, and  is unable to stand on it’s own two feet. Why should the tax payer have to fund the destruction of our native forests? This industry is one of constant loss, from the forests to the hip-pocket” said David Caldwell, spokesperson for Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO)

“We are losing  precious, irreplaceable ecosystems to the Eden chip mill to be shipped offshore, for the private profit of Nippon Paper, ”  said Mr Caldwell.

“It is bad enough that the forests of south eastern Australia are decimated to feed the Eden woodchip mill, but even worse when Australian taxpayers and shareholders are forced to subsidise it. This makes no sense at all” said Harriet Swift, spokesperson for South East Region Conservation Alliance (SERCA).



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