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Fearless Summer Events- January 2014- Tasmania

Jan 3-5: Forest camping trip and guided walks in the Upper Florentine Valley. This area is the site of Tasmania’s longest running forest blockade, Camp Floz. Which successfully defended the valley for over 6 years. In June this year it was declared World Heritage. Join the old Camp Floz crew for guided bushwalks and a weekend of camping to check out this spectacular valley of old growth forests and hear about the history of the blockade.


Jan 5- 12: Actions and events.

Jan 9: Weld Echo Art Exhibition Opening.

Jan 12- 17: Second National Forest Skillshare. If you missed the first skillshare, never fear! Here’s your chance to get training and share skills in direct action, forest ecology, campaigning and more! There will be plenty of extra workshops and advanced training as well, for those who’ve attended the first skillshare and are looking to widen their skills further!

Jan 17- 24: Actions.

Anyone can get involved an organise an action or event. Contact us:


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