Media Release: Conservationists halt loading of woodchip ship

A group of conservationists have halted the loading of a woodchip ship at Eden in NSW, the latest in a series of actions by a coalition of grassroots forest groups known as Fearless Summer.

Two people have locked themselves to the conveyer that delivers woodchips from the Eden chipmill to ships waiting to transport them for export.

“This summer we have targeted every stage in the chain of destruction, from halting logging in old growth forests in East Gippsland to shutting down the Eden woodchip mill.  Now conservationists have brought their actions to the ships that export our precious native forests offshore” said Miranda Gibson of Still Wild Still Threatened.

“Once common species have been pushed to the edge of extinction, as a result of decades of industrial scale logging and woodchip exports. Every day the unique forests of Victoria and New South Wales are being felled to feed the insatiable appetite of the Eden woodchip mill, and then exported overseas and turned to low value paper products by Nippon” said Dave Caldwell of Goongerah Environment Centre.

“The destructive, and largely loss making enterprise of native forest woodchip exports is a threat to ecosystems across Australia. These activists show great courage to take a stand and give the forests a voice.” He said.



By nativeforests

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