Media Release: Conservationists halt logging in threatened species habitat

Today 40 conservationists are halting logging in a stand of forest that is home to threatened wildlife. Two conservationists are risking arrest as they sit atop tripod structures set up across the road at both access points to the logging zone. Another person has climbed a tree in the middle of the logging operation and is perched on a platform suspended to machinery.

“Today’s action is taking place to stop logging of this threatened species habitat. The protection of our native wildlife and the ecosystems they rely on for survival is becoming increasingly critical. Yet the government allows the destruction to continue”  Said David Caldwell of Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO).

“Our threatened species risk being driven to extinction. International companies like Nippon Paper and Ta Ann are making a quick dollar while Australia loses it’s iconic wildlife forever” said Miranda Gibson of Still Wild Still Threatened.

tripod stony creek

“Independent surveying of this forest documented video evidence of the endangered long footed potoroo.  The very spot where these potoroos were found is now being logged.  The destruction of this forest is another example of Australia’s threatened species being ignored, for the profit of private companies and at a loss to the public”said Mr Caldwell. “A recent government report indicated that potoroos in this area require three times the amount of suitable habitat than is currently reserved for the species to survive.”

“Yesterday another blow was struck to the already shaky future of the leadbeaters possum. The dismissal of the appeal by My Environment highlights the failure of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act to protect threatened species. This court decision allows the ongoing destruction of leadbeaters habitat, just as forest that is home to long footed potoroo is being logged in East Gippsland.”said Poppy King spokesperson for Central Highlands Action Group (CHAG)

“My recent 14 month long tree sit began after Tasmanian devils were documented in the area which was being logged for timber company Ta Ann. This is exactly what is occurring around the nation as our governments prioritise the profits of a few international companies and fail to protect our threatened species” said Ms Gibson.


By nativeforests

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