Program for National Forest Skillshare

Today we are releasing the draft program for the Fearless Summer National Forest Skillshare! Check out all the fantastic skills you can learn and share! There’s only a few weeks to go, so make sure you register asap (CLICK HERE).  And help make this skillshare a success by sharing  this page through your networks and inviting your friends!

National Forest Skillshare – Workshop list

Below is a list of workshops available on each day of the skillshare. For a detailed program and workshop timetable click the link below:


Friday- Nov 29th

Arrive & get settled in.

Saturday- 30th

Intro to the skillshare & housekeeping.
Introduction to forest activism and actions.
Security culture.
Non-Violent Direct Action
Australian forest campaigns overview
Wildlife spotlighting
Consent workshop

Sunday – December 1st

Fauna camera set up
Dealing with conflict
Legals for actions
Knot tying
Markets campaigning- Nippon & Ta Ann
Dealing with police
History of forest campaigns and direct action (talks and short films)
Owl spotting

Monday – December 2nd

Tree sit construction and sit tarps
Media and campaigning
Lock-ons, dragons & tunnels
Suing the government and winning
Setting up tripods, monopoles and other blockade structures
Planning an action
Climate, forests & biomass
Direct Action discussion

Tuesday- December 3rd

Guided bush walks
Climbing practise
Action planning for Fearless Summer actions
Prisoner solidarity
Wildlife spotlighting

Wednesday – December 4th

Sustainable activism
Environmental Law
Photography, filming and editing for actions
Tensioning cable and ropes
Tree sit rigging – for climbers and ground crew
Flora identification walk
Fracking and mining
State based meetings- ongoing forest campaigning for 2014

Thursday- December 5th

Banner drops
Tasmanian Forest Agreement
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification
Flora identification walk
Fauna camera checking
Strategy, discourse and politics
Forest ecology, logging practices and impacts
Affinity groups
Work That Reconnects workshop

Friday 6th – Saturday 21st

Two weeks of actions in Victoria and New South Wales. Please stay around to get involved and put some of your new skills into practice! If you can’t make it to the skillshare, please still feel free to come and take part in the actions. There’ll be plenty of chances to learn skills along the way!

Note: This is a draft only – workshop days may change, or workshops may be added or deleted. 

FULL PROGRAM: Click here to view and download.

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